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Over the past few years. podcasting has become one of the main channels in digital communications. Many use it to entertain (and that's pretty cool) but in the commercial brands and companies world, a podcast IS a great tool that when it is developed effectively, it can bring huge benefits on marketing, sales, promotion and networking levels.
And this is what we do best at The Base Sound: we accompany and support you, and provide all of our experience to develop a podcast that meets your brand's goals.
We have nearly a decade of experience and a long list of podcasters from all over the world, 100% satisfied by our work and support. 
We know what needs to be done (efficiently) to
create, develop and make your podcast grow.
Podcast much?  Welcome Home!
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Having content that sounds clear and professional is vital for your podcast. Not only will your audience (and their ears) value it, but it can also be the first step for brands and companies to become interested in your show and sponsor it.

Through different technical and creative processes, we carefully shape your voice and that of your guests, in order to obtain the best sound quality.

We help you with:

- Detailed content editing
- Audio restoration
- Intros, Outros and Advertising Segments
- Original musical composition
- Online music selection and license of use purchasing
- Sound effects
- Mixing and Mastering

Your content perfectly polished and ready to be heard globally.
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Your podcast needs a secure place to rest on the Internet.
Allow us to manage all the hosting, publishing, and distribution processes for you through one 
of the most trusted and secure platforms in the industry. 
We create and manage your podcast's account to get your show available all around the world (or at least where internet is available).
We also add accurate and coherent keywords to your content to make it SEO friendly.

& Publishing

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amazon music.png
and more...
Your podcast available on all major channels.
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We like to put a face to the voices we hear...(we haven't learned how to do make up...yet).

The number of people consuming videocasts (podcasts in video format) is increasing every day. Recent studies show that YouTube has become the leading platform for podcast consumption. This is why video is a tool you should consider for your podcast, and we assist you with everything related to video production and editing, whether it's for distribution on YouTube or other social networks.
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A podcast without promotion says goodbye to its emotion.
We offer solutions in: graphic design, marketing and branding strategies, social media, podcast's image cration, Google Ads, and much more. Our professional team is capable of providing your podcast with the appropriate visual identity and promotion to help you achieve the highest levels of visibility, interaction, and audience loyalty.

We don't have copywriters; we have Harry Potter and his crew with a keyboard. We create show notes, transcriptions, chapter markers, LinkedIn articles, and posts related to your episodes for your blog, and more. This ensures that your audience has full access to written content that is SEO-friendly and also designed for those with hearing impairments, thereby increasing the reach and visibility of your content.


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Our Experience

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