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Why are we here?

The Base Sound Creations is a creative group, specialized in the sound and communications fields, that provides solutions to all kinds of ideas and experiences you wish to transmit. 

We understand the importance of sound as a mean to express feelings and emotions. We carve it, carefully, so that each of the adventures we embark on have the proper personality.

We believe in the synergy between the artistic and the technical. We bet on quality and face every project with humor, discipline and humility. We also focus on achieving the best possible sound result in order to offer an aural experience that generates maximum enjoyment in our audiences. 

Luis DC

Multi-instrumentalist musician, sound engineer, rocker since the age of 7, TV shows fan, ET life believer, frustrated comedian and passionate  about Excel.

Juan Tolentino

Guitarist, sound engineer, rock lover, serious but funny, obsessed about cleaning the hard drive.

Our Allies

Manu FOTO.jpg

Manuel de Abreu



Diseñador gráfico y gurú de Instagram. 

Obsesionado con Illustrator y Photoshop...obvio.

Futbolista frustrado y amigo de todo el mundo.


Eli Ben Avi



Compositor especializado en bandas sonoras.

Grabar y manipular sonidos de la naturaleza y mezclarlos en una composición. 

Obsesionado con Terminator 2.

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